Sunday, November 1, 2009

How Naomi Met Howard

Story told by Grandma Domingus (G.G. to my kids):

How she met and married Howard:

Grandma said she had moved to Dothan Alabama with her mom and step-dad. Grandpa was 13 years old and saw grandma roller skating in the street (she is 3 years older than he). He went home and told his mother "I saw the girl I'm going to marry. She is sooooo purrrrrty!" (southern accent) Grandma didn't pay any attention to him. She was interesed in Howard's brother instead, Pete. Pete was a good looking man.

Howard was relentless and for years went over to grandma's house and tried to get her attention. He would come over and visit her mom or aunt because Grandma would not come downstairs to give any attention. She just was not interested in him. Once he came to the house with a car and asked her if she wanted to go for a drive. No, she said. But, her aunt said, "sure, you can take me for a ride," and off they went.

Then he asked her to his school dance when he was in 9th grade (although she thought he was older). At the dance she saw that he was VERY popular and ALL the girls wanted to dance with him. And she thought, "well, I believe I want to dance with him then."

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