Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cat Stevens is Going to Get His **** Kicked

If you're offended by cuss words read no further. Yes, believers and followers of Jesus SHOULDNT cuss. But, they do. I do occassionally. This post is not about cussing. It's about Cat StevensA big fluff ball of white and cream and orange tipped ears. A fat frowny face and super blue eyes. He is going to get his A** kicked any second by me!

I have a brown leather couch, manufactured by Lane. It's a pull-out bed too. I sold a Western Billy Cook Maker Show Saddle and bought this couch. The original $1,000 that I used to buy the saddle came as a gift to me from my Grandma O'Hara Reed after she passed away. I sold the saddle for what I paid for it, and bought this here couch. So, it's not just a nice couch, it has sentimental value.

I trained Cat Stevens to keep his little claws away from the couch and never, ever come near it. How I trained him was by terrorizing him whenever he came near it. I think he caught on to me that won't hurt a hair on his body, cuz more and more I'd come home and there is the furr ball sound asleep ON MY COUCH!

Ok, Cat Stevens! You've had it! You A** is Gra**! This time I mean it!


  1. hahaha...i swear I think that cats are the devil

  2. p.s. I think that one of the dogs I watch, Cherry, has a person living inside, I really really do, it has started to really creep me out.