Thursday, October 8, 2009

Matthew 13:37

To understand this scripture better, I just broke it down like this:

The Sower= Jesus, he sows Good Seed

Field= the world

Good Seed = Children of the KINGDOM (who is that)

Tares= Children of the Evil One (who are they)

Enemy= Satan he sows the tares (yeah, I had an experience with him a time or two)

The Harvest = The End of the World

Reapers = Angels: they will pull the tares, the children of Satan, and throw them in a fire to be burned up. They will gather the children of the Kingdom and carry to them to heaven.

I have been thinking about good seed. Samuel planted 8 pumpkin seeds. All 8 seeds germinated and 8 vines grew. One vine grew like crazy. All vines produced flowers. The bees came. However, only one pumpkin appeared. Only one. I would say 7 of the seeds were not good. One of the seeds was barely good. From the mediocre seed came one pumpkin and inside that pumpkin is a bunch of seeds.

If I'm being "sown" by the Son of Man, where is He is sowing me and am I good seed? Will I produce a harvest of 100 fold, 60 fold, or 30 fold? Will I produce a harvest at all? Or will it be a scrawny vine with a bunch of flowers that never produce fruit?

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