Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tuesday morning. I can't face this day. I can't even get up to go look in the mirror. This hasn't happened to me since I was eight years old when my mom made me get a "pixie" hair cut and I was devestated. I felt abused. I felt traumatized. I felt helpless and ugly. Here I sit with these same feelings washing over me. Why has this happened to me?

I haven't had my hair cut since March, 2009 the day of Rachael's wedding. I loved that hair cut. Last night, I stopped in a "First Choice Haircutters." and asked for a trim. A TRIM people. A TRIM is where the stylist "trims" you hairs! Tiny little cuts, taking off the dead ends!

When finished, the gay, pentacostal stylist (yes, that's right, he is openly gay AND pentacostal-boy did we have interesting conversations) had given me a mullett! All around me head! from the front to the back! The bottom "layer" is long and then it's shagged all around. It's awful. My fifteen year old started laughing out loud at me! Samuel will look at me and start laughing, saying I look like "Joe Dirt"!

Oh, why me? Why me? Why me? How can I go out in the world and be a top-selling agent in the city looking like Joe Dirt?

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  1. MOm....how many times do I have to tell you. do not go into a place that doesn't require an appointment...
    It's probably fixable, but it would mean you have to go a bit shorter...SORRY we've all been there :(