Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funeral For a Semi-Stranger

My Aunt Pattie, a Presbyterian USA minister, drove up from Roanoke to officiate a funeral for my Grandma's first cousin. That would make Marion my second cousin once removed? Or third cousin? I met Marion Brown maybe twice. However, my Dad spoke of her from time to time and he was proud she was Professor and had a PhD. He would speak of this as if it was a W E I R D thing for a woman to do, really S T R A N G E !

I went to the funeral with my mom. Listening to the stories about her I wish I had known her. Listening to a "reminder" of the times when Marion pursued her PhD in the Seminary world I realized why my dad had marvelled and been bewildered at Marion's accomplishment and career pursuits. In the 1950's women didn't pursue PhD's. Let alone seminary. They spoke of the times of civil rights movement and that Marion would rallied behind the rights of women as well. It was a real life history lesson for me.

Marion had a special ability to look one in the face and "know" what was going on with them, and she'd call them out on it. She could "see" secret things of the heart, lovingly draw it out, and then give assurance of God's Love and point to them to that Love brings clarity and truth. As I listened to several people share about Marion's "ability" I thought, aha, she was "seer." (maybe it runs in the family)

I really wish I could have known her.

After the funeral (which was Methodist and entirely planned out ahead by Marion) we went to the cemetary, then back to Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village. While eating at Schmidt's I wondered, "why haven't I brought my kids here? I love this place!"

I know I haven't yet documented the stories of my grandpa. I will get to it soon.

After two half days of work I have to get to the Office and turn in a bunch of files.

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