Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Basement Torture

Samuel got inspired. To clean. The Basement. That's like a man who pondered the existence of Hell and wondered to himself, "I will go there to see if it is real."
So we stepped down the steps and entered The Basement with it's age-old dirt, rodent scum, cat liter & centuries old hairballs. Disease and mold and brown recluse spiders.

I have taken two loads to the trash dumpster at the garage we rent. Plus, several boxes in the trash. What exactly is down there? Why haven't I swept or dusted or cleaned the basement since 2000? The last time I tried I ended up filthy sick on the couch for a whole month. Both Samuel and I suffering from lung and nasal irriatation.

Becca's schoolwork from Pre-School through high school in multiple boxes. Baby clothes of Rachael's that are 24 years old? Old checks and finance papers from 2000. And boxes and boxes and boxes of 20 years of a particular family member' stuff- who doesn't want to be identified on the internet. Yes, there is a Hell and it's lurking under the floor of my kitchen.

Oh, and meanwhile, I don't mind my hair so much.


  1. hahah!!!!

    1. I love that samuel felt inspired to do anything, good for him!
    2. be careful of dust. audrey has a fungus on her lungs and it came from mold that was in the dust of the warehouse when she did some cleaning. Apparently if you kick up dust with mold in it, it gets in your lungs and creates a fungus!!!
    3. your hair looks really cute in that picture!

  2. i know about the fungus. it's why I don't like basements and don't go down there much. yuck.