Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funeral For a Semi-Stranger

My Aunt Pattie, a Presbyterian USA minister, drove up from Roanoke to officiate a funeral for my Grandma's first cousin. That would make Marion my second cousin once removed? Or third cousin? I met Marion Brown maybe twice. However, my Dad spoke of her from time to time and he was proud she was Professor and had a PhD. He would speak of this as if it was a W E I R D thing for a woman to do, really S T R A N G E !

I went to the funeral with my mom. Listening to the stories about her I wish I had known her. Listening to a "reminder" of the times when Marion pursued her PhD in the Seminary world I realized why my dad had marvelled and been bewildered at Marion's accomplishment and career pursuits. In the 1950's women didn't pursue PhD's. Let alone seminary. They spoke of the times of civil rights movement and that Marion would rallied behind the rights of women as well. It was a real life history lesson for me.

Marion had a special ability to look one in the face and "know" what was going on with them, and she'd call them out on it. She could "see" secret things of the heart, lovingly draw it out, and then give assurance of God's Love and point to them to that Love brings clarity and truth. As I listened to several people share about Marion's "ability" I thought, aha, she was "seer." (maybe it runs in the family)

I really wish I could have known her.

After the funeral (which was Methodist and entirely planned out ahead by Marion) we went to the cemetary, then back to Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village. While eating at Schmidt's I wondered, "why haven't I brought my kids here? I love this place!"

I know I haven't yet documented the stories of my grandpa. I will get to it soon.

After two half days of work I have to get to the Office and turn in a bunch of files.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Basement Torture

Samuel got inspired. To clean. The Basement. That's like a man who pondered the existence of Hell and wondered to himself, "I will go there to see if it is real."
So we stepped down the steps and entered The Basement with it's age-old dirt, rodent scum, cat liter & centuries old hairballs. Disease and mold and brown recluse spiders.

I have taken two loads to the trash dumpster at the garage we rent. Plus, several boxes in the trash. What exactly is down there? Why haven't I swept or dusted or cleaned the basement since 2000? The last time I tried I ended up filthy sick on the couch for a whole month. Both Samuel and I suffering from lung and nasal irriatation.

Becca's schoolwork from Pre-School through high school in multiple boxes. Baby clothes of Rachael's that are 24 years old? Old checks and finance papers from 2000. And boxes and boxes and boxes of 20 years of a particular family member' stuff- who doesn't want to be identified on the internet. Yes, there is a Hell and it's lurking under the floor of my kitchen.

Oh, and meanwhile, I don't mind my hair so much.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Two Weekends

I have had a great past two weekends and week. My sister invited me along with her to Orlando on a conference she attended.

We met in Orlando on Saturday morning and promptly took a rental car 2 hours away to Springhill, Florida to see our Grandma. She turns 96 in two months. Grandma lives in an assisted living facility that is very elegant and stately. Grandma looked fabulous. She is confined to a wheelchair most of the day. We had a fabulous catch-up visit and lots of storytelling. We dined in the dining room and took a tour of the new building.

She told us what a wonderful guy our grandpa was, and details of which I'm saving for my next post. From there we drove to our Aunt Betty and Uncle Karl's home about an hour north. Karl mixed up some margaritas and we had fun telling stories and talking about the impending economic doom and the lousy real estate market.

Karen I woke up at 5:00 when their smoke alarm started bleeping every few seconds form a bad battery. The smoke alarm was way up high on the 17 foot high ceiling in the hallway. Finally the sun came up and Karl and Betty emerged with a ladder to replace the battery. After bagels, fruit and coffee, Betty took us to see wild manatees. We parked on a bridge over a river that runs out to the ocean and we waited about 30 minutes in the breezey chilled air. No manatees. Of course I loved the setting: palm trees, boats, a bay and a river. I spotted a huge alligator sunning himself on the river bank, and luckily he was a good 100 fee away.

Lunch was at a water-side restaraunt outside in the sun. Soon after lunch Karen and I drove on to Orlando to check into our hotel. My GPS broke right when we needed it, so the trip was spent doing many U-turns until we found our destination. We stopped at Karen's friend's house to visit with them and meet their grandbaby, a little boy named Isaac. The Hoback's are a wonderful family and I just love their daughter Brittany. She showed me her photos of sailing throughout Malyasia, New Zealland and Australian islands and the remote island she lived on for a year.

The next day was Animal Kingdom and Epcot! Animal Kingdom rocked and we saw two shows that were fantastic. Brittany had said the shows were like Broadway plays, and she wasn't exagerating. There was phenominal singing, dancing, elaborate staging and costuming. I actually rode on Everest roller coaster and it was a terrifying blast! At Epcot we rode on a virtual ride that makes you feel like you are in a glider. I had a major panic attack before boarding the ride, and then realized I could just close my eyes. To which Karen responded, "Then you'll miss the ride!" Since the whole ride is based visuals I did miss a lot of it. Ha Ha. I was absolutely sick with terror.

Tuesday Karen went to her meetings and I worked Real estate for about 5 hours from the room and thenBecca arrived from UNF! That was great. The three of us went to the hot tub and got drinks at the poolside bar. Fun listening to Becca tell her stories! After ahile we changed our clothes and went to Downtown Disney! We shopped and walked around, rode a little ferry boat, and ate dinner at House of Blues. I love Downtown Disney!

Wednesday was spent working for about 6 hours on real estate, and then we flew home! I arrived home around midnight.

Thursday morning I hit the pavement running with Real Estate starting at 7am and not finishing up until 10 pm. Not having any time to do laundry, grocery, clean up (that kind of stuff) I picked kevin and Rachael up at the airport at 9:30 am. Kevin slept while Rachael left immediately with Liz for the wedding preparations.

Saturday was again a day of, you guesssed it, real estate and I showed over 5 Muirfield Village homes. The couple settled on a first choice house and then I took off for home to get ready for the wedding. Right before we left the house, Olin and I held hands and prayed for Jen and her entire family and for Tony and all his family to enjoy themselves and have wonderful memories to come. Very pretty wedding ceremony and the party house was so pretty too. Fun! I didn't do my cowgirl dance, I just didn't find the right song to ride that horse. But I still had a great time eating and dancing.

Olin and I cooked up a breakfast casserole in the morning and my mom came over to see Kevin and Rachael for a few hours.

Good tap dance is like a good kung foo movie== I'm watching "So You Think You Can Dance!" now.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Decorating a Coffee Table

I have been trying to decorate a coffee table for 1 1/2 hours this morning. When I have business to attend to. When I have out of town guests to feed. When I need to exercise. Why am I trying to decorate a coffee table?I had Olin take an old coffee table out of a spare bedroom and asked him to take it to the basement to hide. I hadn't had the courage to donate this table or put it out by the street for someone to grab. It's a Pennsylvania House Queen Anne style coffee table. Since it's solid cherry and not the fake stuff, I had a hard time parting with it. But it's ugly.When I came in the front door last night after showing houses, surprise! There was the coffee table in the living room in front of the contempary, Italian, chocolate brown settee. They don't really go together. Yet somehow it kinda looked OK. The coffee table had been hidden in the spare bedroom for about four years. Emerging in the living room made me think. Distracted me from business. Distracted me from the 2 mile walk I need to get in this morning and the 10 mintue Total Gym workout. Distracted me from the grocery list. Right now my coffe table looks like a total dork with a book about Ohio lying on it's side, and a ceramic cardinal bird and cermaic Loraine, OH lighthouse sitting on top of it. (Get the theme?)


Tuesday morning. I can't face this day. I can't even get up to go look in the mirror. This hasn't happened to me since I was eight years old when my mom made me get a "pixie" hair cut and I was devestated. I felt abused. I felt traumatized. I felt helpless and ugly. Here I sit with these same feelings washing over me. Why has this happened to me?

I haven't had my hair cut since March, 2009 the day of Rachael's wedding. I loved that hair cut. Last night, I stopped in a "First Choice Haircutters." and asked for a trim. A TRIM people. A TRIM is where the stylist "trims" you hairs! Tiny little cuts, taking off the dead ends!

When finished, the gay, pentacostal stylist (yes, that's right, he is openly gay AND pentacostal-boy did we have interesting conversations) had given me a mullett! All around me head! from the front to the back! The bottom "layer" is long and then it's shagged all around. It's awful. My fifteen year old started laughing out loud at me! Samuel will look at me and start laughing, saying I look like "Joe Dirt"!

Oh, why me? Why me? Why me? How can I go out in the world and be a top-selling agent in the city looking like Joe Dirt?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Matthew 13:37

To understand this scripture better, I just broke it down like this:

The Sower= Jesus, he sows Good Seed

Field= the world

Good Seed = Children of the KINGDOM (who is that)

Tares= Children of the Evil One (who are they)

Enemy= Satan he sows the tares (yeah, I had an experience with him a time or two)

The Harvest = The End of the World

Reapers = Angels: they will pull the tares, the children of Satan, and throw them in a fire to be burned up. They will gather the children of the Kingdom and carry to them to heaven.

I have been thinking about good seed. Samuel planted 8 pumpkin seeds. All 8 seeds germinated and 8 vines grew. One vine grew like crazy. All vines produced flowers. The bees came. However, only one pumpkin appeared. Only one. I would say 7 of the seeds were not good. One of the seeds was barely good. From the mediocre seed came one pumpkin and inside that pumpkin is a bunch of seeds.

If I'm being "sown" by the Son of Man, where is He is sowing me and am I good seed? Will I produce a harvest of 100 fold, 60 fold, or 30 fold? Will I produce a harvest at all? Or will it be a scrawny vine with a bunch of flowers that never produce fruit?