Friday, September 4, 2009

Post Trauma

I have had a little post trauma symptoms today and didn't realize that's what I was having until just now. I think Samuel had some, too yesterday. We were in the car yesterday and the sky was so incrediblu blue and he noticed that a jumbo jet was flying very low over the city skyline. "isn't that plane really low?" He asked a little leery sounding. I looked. It was. "It's headed in the direction of the airport," I said. I did think it was low and wondered.

Today I noticed three planes flying very low over the city. I was on High Street just north of campus. The first jumbo jet was incredibly low and the sky was a brilliant blue. Then the plan leaned hard to the right then hard to left, so that I knew people in the plane had to be freaking out, it sort of tottered after the two hard leans. Whatthe? Why would it do that I wondered. I put on my radio and scanned for local news. All I got was static. Then a few minutes later another Fed Ex plane was flying so low with the landing gear down. Rickenbacher airport is in the other direction I thought.

Now sitting here I realized it's September and the sky is so blue. Samuel and I are just imagining these planes are so low as we were having post trauma symptoms from 9/11.

That really sucks.

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