Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The air is cool and the A/C is off. Princesses pretty golden coat has come in after she lost all her summer hair. She looked like a scruffy polar bear for several weeks, but now she looks like a happy Corgi again. The cool air makes her run around the house and look zippy and young.

Samuel is back to catching a bus at a ridiculous early hour.

Becca's back to classes at UNF.

Rachael is, as I type, on the road in the rented moving truck with Kevin, and the car in tow behind them. The long journey from Florida to New Jersey has begun! Mother's prayers going out to God for angels on the road and I'm asking for several angels, not just the two that belong to Kevin and Rachael! Thanks, God!

The other changes I'm facing is the rapidly changing rules and regulations in Real Estate! I need scramble. If I had real estate blog I wouldn't sell any real esatate because I'd be writing non stop about all these crazy changes and practices!

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