Monday, August 31, 2009

You Can't Move A Will

The Sabbath Day for Christians was yesterday. I had to work in the morning. Did not like the fact that I did not get to have a Sabbath rest. That's not the point of this post today. So, I'll continue. Where to go to church is still an issue with this little family of three. I long for the fellowship of CCC-N that we once had years ago. I long to have my son involved in a church. He likes the traditional Presbyterian church because it starts at 11:00 am (I love that too-perfect timing) and he likes that there is no one his age, just old folks. The old folks ignore him because he's a teenage a boy and they probably don't like teenage boys, or are dealing too much with the issues of old age to care about a teenage boy in their midst. Samuel likes this anonymitity. "Don't talk to me. Don't look at me." That's the vibes he sends out at church. Yet he participates in the liturgy.

Since I worked in the morning, Olin went to CCCN and loved it and said Duane was on fire for the first time in 5 or so years. Linda S's sister was there signing copies of her book about being completely healed of the worst type of terminal cancer. She is always a joy in the Lord.

So, we missed it--and Samuel had refused, just refused to step foot in that church. In the morning Samuel said he wanted to go to Rod Parsley's church at night. The evening service is small, only about 600 people or so if that. This is where you see the "church" part of WHC and their nuts and bolts worked out. It is a quieter, sweeter service. I tried to beg Samuel to go to the Hilliard Church so I didn't have to drive to CW. He insisted it was to WHC at night.

After I worked I went to a wedding shower (which I completely enjoyed--as I loved seeing Jen's smile opening gifts and hearing the stories her family and friends shared about her. Liz did an excellent job, and Tony's aunt's house is lovely.) I pray that Jen's wedding be a day of peace and joy and bliss for her and Tony.

I digress, there's a lesson I learned last night and I gotta share it:

So, off Samuel and I went to WHC. So away we go to Canal Winchester. We get there. The music is off the hook. Honestly, unbelievable music. Tiffany sang a song called "God is Able" and it was better than anything Aretha Franklin could ever do. She would win American Idol absolutely. But the whole thing was anointed. I had actual bumps from the top of my head down to my feet and Samuel seemed amazed at least what I could glance from my periferal vision.

God is Able to Do just what He said He would do. Don't Give up on God because he won't give up on you. He is able. Say it again. He is able. Say it again. He is able.

If you sing that long enough you will catch the truth in it: God is Able. Don't Give up on God.

But that is not my lesson I learned. Rod Parsley's mom got up and she gave "testimonies" from her life of bona fide miracles of healing in her body and her children's. She got off track and really she started telling her life story from the poverty and sticks of Kentucky to her journey to Columbus, to her journey toward Christ. (It was most fascinating. Even Samuel commented on how fascinating her story was from this aged, old lady with a hillbilly accent telling her crazy stories that you know were true.) Well, one of the stories she told was her daughter was doing drugs and drinking and ran off to Indiana to marry a man that Mrs. Parsley didn't want her daughter to marry. Mrs. Parsley fasted, prayed, fasted, prayed, she went out into a corn field and ripped her clothes and lay on the dirt among the stalks and cried out to God to stop her daughter from marrying that man. Well, her daughter married him anyway, and called her brother Rod and told him she got married. At that Mrs. Parsley became immediatly bitter toward God and said, "God, you don't answer prayer. You aren't faithful. I send my tithe into the church, but I won't set foot in a church again." She said this in such a way, I knew God speaking to me directly. She said God is so patient He understands our hurts and needs. However, this bitterness almost killed her, she said, and she turned to God again and He showed her that her prayers were wrong. She was praying wrong concering her daughter's life. She said that God showed her that the will of a person will not be moved by God. He will not touch someone's will and make them do something. He loves us and he gave us free will to choose. He will move around the person, and interfere in circumstances, and influence the person, but will not make them do anything.

That's the lesson I needed to hear. I'll explain later why.

Got to go to work. Bye.

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