Monday, June 1, 2009

Life with a 15 Year Old Boy (or Darned if I Do, Darned if I Don't)

Here is how a typical conversation with my 15 year old son goes. He yells at me, "Wash these clothes in the hallway! I'm sick of them in the hallway." I pick up all the clothes (all his) take them to the basement and run two loads of laundry. I ran two loads of his laundry yesterday, folded them and handed them to him yesterday. Since I am not permitted to put them in dresser drawers or enter his room, the clean clothes sit in two neat piles on the living room chair.
An hour later this morning I pick up his belt that has been on the hallway floor for two months. I ask nonchalantly, "Do you still want this belt?" He yells at me, "O M F G, don't touch my belt. Why do you always do that.?!" I say calmly, "it's been on the floor of the hallway for a month and I just wanted to know if you still want it." He answers, "Yes. Leave it alone. Why do you have go around picking up my stuff!" Or something like that, he continues his tirade and verbal abuse. Then stomps out of the house and is gone for 20 minutes somewhere. Returns to continue the tirade about me picking up his belt?!