Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here's Believing! I Can Have It All!

Today would have been Olin's father's 95 birthday. That is incredible. He was born June 25, 1914.

Rachael and Kevin, Becca and John came to visit for several days. The 5 nights are somewhat of a blur. Real estate was demanding my attention on Wednesday the day they arrived. Pulled into my driveway in the evening after showing houses and they were out picking up movies with Samuel for the evening and Becca was visiting with Olin in the kitchen. I must say that was a a good feeling to "feel" them home again.

The three movie errand people got back with the Untouchables. I couldn't watch that for long. I love Kevin Costner, but Wyatt Earp story set to the 1930's style wasn't something I could handle. Too much death. And for what? A little beer? I went in the dining room and finished up some real estate business on the computer. It was still nice, feeling them in the next room watching Kevin Costner kill people.

Here's why I like Kevin. Friday morning I realized I had been hearing the song "Oh, what feeling" in my head over and over. The song is from a 1980's movie called Flashdance! I recognized God was telling me something through that song. I spoke outloud, I keep hearing this song in my head and think there's a message in that song for me! Kevin just nonchalantly said "really? what song?" I asked if he could find it his computer? Not only did Kevin find the song, he burned me a cd of the song so I could play it in my car on my way to North Market. He didn't once let on that he thinks I'm an odd woman who believes a song would have a "message" from God in it for me.

Sure enough, I popped the cd into the car stereo and here is the message: "Oh, what a feeling. Here's believing!" Basically, if you BELIEVE you will have a great feeling. Is that fantastic feeling called "Hope?" What a great feeling it is, too. Part two of the message is: "I can Have it All" Yes, indeed. I can have it all. But what is required is FAITH. I need to BELIEVE. Without Faith it will be impossible to receive.

2008 my lesson from God was to "have faith and believe" and I kept wondering if I have any power to believe. How can you force yourself to believe something. Doesn't it just "come" to you. Faith is a gift from God. So, if it's a gift, how can I stop limiting my belief and really have hope? Yet, there is a command in the Bible: Abideth in these three: Faith, Hope, Love. But, the greatest of these is Love. So, if I'm commanded to live in Faith, I must have some personal power over it?

I don't have this message completely diciphered. But I know God is still trying to get me to open up my mind and Believe All Things.

What a Feeling! Here's Believing! I can have it all!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Trip to Magnetic Springs

Went out to the country today to Magnetic Springs, Ohio. I went with my friend, Ann, to feed her draft horse crossbreed. So, quiet, so nice. How much I miss a barn. The smell of dirt and manure. The sound my boots make walking across the hard ground, kicking the occassional rock.

Ann's house is so perfectly Ann. It's like a museum to me. So much to look at on the walls and shelves and mantels. Old photos, pieces of nature she's collected, interesting knick knacks. When I ask, "what's this? where's this from?" there is a story for every item. I looked around her plants, the strawberries, the flowering vines. And we took a tour of the rabbit house, where bunnies are lined up in cages. I could linger there for hours, looking, wondering, asking the story behind things, and learning interesting nature facts.

It got hot by noon, so I came home. But I didn't get home until 2:30 and I'm not sure what took me so long? Idid stop to take a read the historical marker sign about Magnetic Springs. When I got into Hilliard, I stopped at the library to borrow some videos.

One reason I'm self-employed I can fart around like this when I make myself.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Day Sunshine

I stayed up until 3 am watching a Kevin Costner movie about a golf game. It was a great movie. Kevin Costner really gets into his projects full speed and it pays off with great entertainment. Now I have to skedaddle to a property inspection all tired and groggy and wanting to sleep until noon. I have had 3 1/2 hours of sleep!
The sun is shining this morning it' makes me cheerful. We don't get that much sun here in Ohio.

I will finish up painting the 1/2 bath today. I don't like it at all. I painted it a color I thought was a cheery blue, like pottery barn blue, that i was going to accent with chocolate brown towels and art work. However, in the tiny space the color is T E A L. It's a 1993 TEAL. It is yucky. It is a muddy feeling in that small room. One of my new friends that I made selling houses suggested I leave one wall in there teal and use a faint fawn color or light/whiter color for the other three walls, or paint 1/2 the wall a cream or taupe color. I don't know. I is tawd o paintin.

when my mom comes home, I'm gonna have her help put up some wall paper in there.

Onward and Upward! God is inside me His works to perform. Lead me on, Lord!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Life with a 15 Year Old Boy (or Darned if I Do, Darned if I Don't)

Here is how a typical conversation with my 15 year old son goes. He yells at me, "Wash these clothes in the hallway! I'm sick of them in the hallway." I pick up all the clothes (all his) take them to the basement and run two loads of laundry. I ran two loads of his laundry yesterday, folded them and handed them to him yesterday. Since I am not permitted to put them in dresser drawers or enter his room, the clean clothes sit in two neat piles on the living room chair.
An hour later this morning I pick up his belt that has been on the hallway floor for two months. I ask nonchalantly, "Do you still want this belt?" He yells at me, "O M F G, don't touch my belt. Why do you always do that.?!" I say calmly, "it's been on the floor of the hallway for a month and I just wanted to know if you still want it." He answers, "Yes. Leave it alone. Why do you have go around picking up my stuff!" Or something like that, he continues his tirade and verbal abuse. Then stomps out of the house and is gone for 20 minutes somewhere. Returns to continue the tirade about me picking up his belt?!