Friday, May 29, 2009

Today's To Do List

Blogging is harder than I thought it would be. My writing does not come easy anymore. Too many words! I need to start a separate blog about Real Estate and link it to my real estate website. I could become very fancy with all this!

Today I have a to do list and something I would like to do list:

Have to do:
1.) Go to office & fill out and turn in an "In Contract" folder (loud applause with shouts of praise)
2.) Meet my sales manager about a new e-lead generating system opportunity
3.) Call 5/3 bank about a Short Sale I'm working on.
4.) Reduce price on the short sale house.
5.) Go to Sherwin Williams paint store for primer & paint for bath
6.) Finish sanding bathroom wall behind toilet, prime it, paint it.

Want to do:
1.) Go to Library & get Real You Incorporated by Kaira Rouda
2.) Work out on my Total Gym
3.) Walk 2 miles
4.) Drive to Nashville to see my neice perform in her dance recital. :( i'm missing it

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