Friday, May 22, 2009

Naming This Blog

The Blog is born. Like any parent of a brand new baby, I have no idea what I'm doing with this blog! I've read all the "How To's" of blogging, and read what not to do, talked to bloggers. Just like my parenting style, I'll be "winging it" "on the fly" "by the seat of my seat of my pants" and "spinning my wheels" with this blog. First order of business is naming this blog.

Names I thought of:

1. Seriously Though (already taken) My plan is to write about my life (of course) & that includes dreams and dream interpretations, my spiritual journey, the weird experiences I see all day, and I won't be able to stop myself from writing about economics and real estate So, Seriously Though is perfect. (already taken.) :(

2. thus, Earnestly Still. Which means the same thing, only I get a pun on the word "still." You don't always have to get completely still to hear that "still small voice" from God. It certainly helps though, and I think deep inside, your spirit becomes "still" when it "hears" that special inspiration. Maybe it should be name, "Still, Earnestly"

3.Cannongate (available.) It's where I'm living and it implies that the gate to my spirit is protected with a "Cannon," which sounds powerful.

4. Copeland (already taken) Copeland is a street I enjoyed living on in a town I really enjoyed living in. Also, there is the whole pun of "Cope Land," Always copin with sumthin! Copeland Road is available though

5. Crowned Fire Brand (available) This name is the literal meaning of my given name. First name is gaelic and means "Fire Brand." Married name is also gaelic and means "crowned one" implying Queen or Princess. It sounds way too much like a dark computer fantasy world game name to me! Though it does go with my dream interpretation plans.

For now, my baby blog shall be calleds Earnestly Still. When I gave birth to my second daughter she had several names for the first two weeks before we settled on her name now. So, bloggy baby may have to wait awhile until his true name comes forth.

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  1. i forgot what a good writer you are. I am your first official follower!